Common Benchmark Charges for Security Deposit Damage & How Calculations are Done

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For your convenience, the following provides information regarding common issues likely to be charged to your deposit after move out. 

We discuss a few points when you first apply that we feel are important to remind you of. First, we are nothing more than a middleman. If you've earned it, we will fight for you passionately, but final decisions come down to either NC law or owner demands. We will do the best we can, but we are limited by law. 

Charging security deposits is by far the most unenjoyable aspect of our business. We try to weigh issues such as payment reliability, and total complaint volume when assigning charges, but at times owners will not hear of that. 

If however, we determine that reckless and disrespectful damage has occurred, we will be aggressive, and we have always been legally justified in these instances. In all cases we take exceptional steps to keep costs down when they do arise. Accidents do occur, and in those cases it is by far best to address them before your lease has ended, and we will happily work with you to do so. 

The biggest problems occur when a resident pretends the issues don't exist when they clearly do. Once again regardless of severity we do not enjoy, or profit from deposit charges, we simply have a legal and ethical obligation to return the home to the owner in the condition we received it, exactly as you do. If you expect us to handle repairs, you forfeit the right to blame us for the cost. While we have very affordable contractors, they are reliable, insured, and licensed and their prices will not be the cheapest you can possibly find.

Most Common Security Deposit Charges Guideline live.pdf

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